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New World of Library Services

Coffee-sipping browsers, local history scholars, specific-answer seekers, general-interest readers, music lovers, and science fiends will all find a much wider range of facilities and services than has been available.

—Lethbridge Herald, October 18, 1973

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Recollecting Home – Cindy Baker

Cindy Baker was one of the participants in the exhibit. Baker selected two items that let her reflect on how women have experienced “home,” and how they used objects to subvert traditional expectations that may have been superimposed upon them. One of the items Baker chose was a vibrator that was donated to the Galt

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Wednesday, January 16, 2019 is #MuseumSelfieDay. The Galt Museum & Archives is a popular location for selfies in Lethbridge with our incredible vista into the coulees, our century old heritage building, our exhibits, gardens and statues. On Wednesday come take photos in and around the Galt and share them with @GaltMuseum on social media with #MuseumSelfieDay, #MuseumsDoMore and #iheartmuseums.

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Civil Defence: Women Take Up the Call

Women in Lethbridge were active in civil defence preparations, and by 1962, they outnumbered the men involved. For example, Jean Brown served as CD Convener for six years, and as the assistant civil defence welfare director for the city. She taught courses on civil defence to the general public and was the local civil defence liaison officer for the Imperial Order Daughters of the Empire (IODE).

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