Where would my house be today?

I'm not sure if this picture comes through clearly but that's okay. Because if you come down to the Galt before September 11, you can see the original painting that this picture is of.

This photograph (Galt Archives 19754374013) is of a 1912 painting of Lethbridge -- which measures 9 ' by 4 ' -- and used to hang over the bar at the Arlington Hotel. The painting is owned by the University of Lethbridge Art Gallery. They have generously loaned us the painting for the run of the Greatest Years You Never Knew exhibit.

This painting is incredible. You can see where Galt 3 and 6 coal mines were. It shows how Galbraith School used to be the far north end of Lethbridge. You can find the Ideal Farm (Whitney House), which stands by itself in the painting but which today is just east of Lethbridge College. You can see where they planned to build Dominion Square and Queen Victoria Park. And many people can see how where there house is today was farmland 100 years ago.

We don't know who painted the picture. We do know it was done as a promotional painting for Lethbridge - to be used on brochures to promote Lethbridge around the world.

There are a few errors. The Galt Hospital entrance is facing west -- rather than east. Or maybe our history is wrong and the hospital once did face west and over 100 years the wind has turned us around?

Every time I look at the painting I see even more details that I find interesting. And I can't wait to show the painting to all of the students and people who come to visit over the next few months. Because I'm certain they, like me, will be enthralled with this incredible painting.