Gathering Ideas

Treasures & Curiosities Exhibit 2010

Treasures & Curiosities Exhibit 2010

In late March, the Galt Museum & Archives began to gather ideas for future exhibits and programs from the community. Several people have responded with suggestions such as:

  • The historic women acknowledged in Legacy Ridge

  • Mayor Charles Magrath

  • Southminster Church which will celebrate its Centennial in 2014

  • 1918 Regional Agricultural Fair held to provide relief from the stresses of the 1st World War

  • In depth history of where aboriginal peoples lived and travelled in this area

  • The oldest Ambulance service in North America - Lethbridge EMS

  • Telling the stories of smaller communities around Lethbridge

  • Living in the river bottom

These are great ideas but I know there are many more out there. We want to gather ideas of:

  • stories you feel are of significance to southwestern Alberta

  • upcoming special anniversaries for organizations, businesses, events, buildings

  • social, economic, political, humanitarian, environmental concerns or events that are important to you.

We continue to collect your suggestions so please talk to friends and family. Ask them about their ideas. Be creative, thoughtful and challenging.

Then get in touch either through this blog or by email to