Why I Love Museums -- The Galt Version

Meant to do this earlier this week (it's been a crazy week) but gathered below are a few reasons some of our staff love museums...

I love museums because of the diversity of people who meet, volunteer, work, participate in them.

Anine, Marketing

I like museums because I am intrigued by the objects they are housing. It fires my imagination to see what was used, how people dressed, lived, socialized. I also find the workmanship of the artifacts amazing - it shows the creativity of humans. I especially love to see the ancient materials - the work of the artisans is wonderful (no words to explain how I feel when I stand in front of a case full of intricately carved ivory objects). I love to see the museums in small towns (we used to take our kids to these) because the small town museums show you what the community thinks is important about itself.

Michelle, Visitor Services

I like museums because, more often than not, you encounter the story of something or someone that you never knew before, and that person or thing provides an insight into your own story or the story of someone you know that you never thought about before. But I still like archives better.

Greg, Archives

I love good museums because they are so incredibly powerful. They help you experience new worlds. They portray and showcase the most sublime and beautiful things created by humankind. They challenge your perspective. They teach, they amuse, they explain, they captivate and they allow us to be immersed in another time, another place, or in another person's ideas and thoughts. They show us all that has been done and all that is possible to do. And best of all museums belong to the people -- they are part of our shared heritage; part of the educational, cultural and social gift that we get from our ancestors and that we are allowed to pass on to future generations.

Belinda, Education