How old is the crossword puzzle?

I realized while doing some research last week that the crossword puzzle turns 100 in 1913. I’m rather surprised that crosswords are that young. Since I love crossword puzzles so much, I have created a very simple one for everyone this week with all of the clues showcasing world events or items created between 1906 and 1913.


2. The first __________ school and daycare for working class families opened in Rome in 1907.

7. The first Victor Victrola, a __________ record machine is manufactured in 1906.

9. In 1907 Australia and New Zealand become _______________.


1. In 1911 _____________ Women's Day is celebrated for the first time.

3. This steel was invented in 1913.

4. In 1908 Robert Baden-Powell started the _______ _______ movement.

5. In 1908 Henry Ford produced the first _____ ____ automobile.

6. Alfred ________ is exonerated in 1906.

8. The modern version of this closer was invented in 1913.