Katimavik In Your Community (2011) Lethbridge


Hello this is a message from Katimavik volunteers; we have been in Lethbridge since the 6th of January. The eleven of us, from all over Canada, are discovering Alberta from scratch - most of us have never come here before and had only a very vague idea of how life is in Southern Alberta.


Christina Theriault - I am a full time volunteer. When I come into work in the morning, I often join Belinda in her teaching frenzy. With a great variety of classes, from the Siksikaitsitapi or Blackfoot Peoples Voices program to Building Bridges, it is something to see - the kids are amazed every time.


Laurent Comeau - I am a part time volunteer. I usually start downstairs working with Brad Brown, exhibit designer and fabricator. Last week I worked on restoring an exhibit case and styling it for a 1950’s exhibit. When I work my full day of the week, usually Lori finds some inventory work or there is always mail-out that needs to be done. Often I team up with Christina for research for events. Sometimes we go in the city visiting stores and shops to ask for some support (gift certificates, donations or sponsorship, anything the store is able to give).

Katimavik volunteers have also been busy working at building Eggstravaganza crafts and drafts.

One of us if from British Columbia, five are from Ontario and the 5 others, including both Galt volunteers, are from Quebec. Christina Theriault works full time here at the Galt Museum & Archives as well as Laurent Comeau who is also part time working at the 5th on 5th Youth Center, with his fellow participant from B.C. Benjamin Nixon. From Quebec we also have Julien Vedel works at the SAAG (Southern Alberta Art Gallery), Dominique Larouche spends her volunteer time with the Birds of Prey center in Coaldale, and Emlyn Van volunteers full time at St-Michael’s Health Center. From Ontario we have Courtney Vaughan who is also full days at St-Theresa Villa, Ekaterina Huybregts works full time with Irene Sonnenburg at Safety City, and also with Michael Allupons-Dineen who splits his time with also being at the Birds of Prey center. Finally, last but not least, Vernon Johnathan King works part time at St-Theresa Villa and St-Michaels Health Center. Everyone fits well into their volunteer placement and enjoys most days of hard work even if sometimes we are tired, we are always re-motivated by the group who is always understanding and cheerful. We are also coming up with a presentation for the group about Earth hour for March 26th - we will present this to the city council of Lethbridge soon so please come and show your support to this project for Lethbridge when we present it.

katimavik 2011.JPG

Thanks a lot for your time. Hope to see you around. Now that you know where we are, stop and say Hi!


-Christina Theriault & Laurent Comeau