Flashlight Cemetery Tours

And, now, for some blatant advertising.

Sorry, I couldn't resist. I try not to use the BLOG solely for marketing but I have had so many people ask when Flashlight Cemetery Tour tickets go on sale that I thought it would be easiest to focus this BLOG on the tours. Tickets went on sale on September 7 and are available through the front desk of the Galt.

You can find all details as to dates and times on our web-site: http://www.galtmuseum.com/programs-tours.htm

I know from our front desk that ticket sales are going briskly so (and particularly if you have specific dates and times that you want) buy your tickets right away. This tour sells out annually.

I thought I'd take the opportunity to share one of my favourite memories from past years of the tours.

As most of you know the tours are done in the dark and by flashlight. St. Patrick's Cemetery, where we hold these, is quite isolated and the noise of the city is muffled. At one of our stops, with everyone in the tour facing me, I suddenly saw all of the members of the tour freeze and I heard a collective gasp, as people's eyes got big and focused on something behind me. With great trepidation, I turned and looked at whatever they were seeing behind me. There in the distance were four orbs of light. I started to laugh and turned back towards the group. "It's deer, people." Our flashlights were reflected from the deers' eyes.

I'd love to hear your memories of the tours. If you have any fun stories to share, please pass them along.