Clue #2...and Zombies, Vampires, Rocky Horror Picture Show galore!

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A few people have emailed me this week letting me know where they have searched for the key but have not yet found it....the key, what is it about, you ask....?! Well on Sept 26th we are recreating the opening of our building 100 years ago, and that includes the fact that the key was misplaced. In honour of that (probably embarrassing) fact, we have hidden a key (along with instructions, in a small plastic baggy to guard it from the elements) somewhere in Lethbridge. New clues are being released each Wednesday here, on our twitter, on our facebook and on our website, as well as in the media.

Clue #1 from last week: “Trees! Water! Go there, you'll see! Walk or race, you set the pace. Peek around Lethbridge's beautiful gathering space.”

Clue #2 released today: "Searching, researching - can be fun right? Spend time looking in the archives into the night. Lethbridge has libraries for you to be - but did they know you'd be looking for a key?"

Let me know if YOU find it!! And you can open the doors for us at this upcoming event!

I am also really excited to note that our Halloween Movie Madness tickets are going on sale this Friday. With the Rocky Horror Picture Show being such a success, some of our youth and post-secondary volunteers and I thought it would be fun to expand on this for a few nights before Halloween. It is a FULL schedule with Thursday Oct 28th being Bite Night (Vampires) from 4 pm - 1 am; Zombies Galore Friday Oct 29th from 5:30 pm - 1:30 am; and finally Rocky Horror Picture Show on Saturday Oct 30th!


Tickets are $10 for Thurs, $10 for Fri night, and $18 for Saturday night, because we include your prop bag for the RHPS! Or you can get all 3 nights for $30. We'll have a bar, concession, costume prizes and the doors are open for come and go all night long!

If you want to see the list of movies being screened, check out our website and click on Events.....there are some from every decade almost, some cheesy, some scary, and a whole lotta fun! But now I have to decide what theme nights to run in 2011 so if you have a preference - werewolves, ghosts, or a whole series (Friday the 13th anyone??) let me know so that I have time to work on getting the rights to do a public screening in time!

Start working on this costumes - the last week of October is going to be a fuuuuunnnnn week!