It's raining, It's pouring....actually it's May and it's snowing!

What a crazy 2+ weeks this has AND thus, event planning wise.

As mentioned before, I have never had to cancel an event due to the weather that was INDOORS! And then in April, we had snow and winds so crazy that we had an all day power outage in Lethbridge and our caterer could not prepare the meal for that night.

Now here we sit in the last 24 hours before Taste of Downtown, the annual fundraiser for the Historic Lethbridge Festival, and we have rain, snow and crazy winds currently, with predictions of snow and highs of +3C during the event!

I had only one phone call asking if I was going to cancel or reschedule. I told that caller that "no, we will go ahead with the event rain or shine". I think that it is an amazing event when you can enjoy the restaurant's patios and walk from venue to venue enjoying downtown with your large group of friends, as most people do when they participate.

One year we had rain.....and it wasn't fun! And now....snow!

But something must be said for the resilience of people in Lethbridge that only ONE person has called about what we plan to do.

I guess, if 15 venues were not participating, and Historic Lethbridge Festival weren't only this week, and if next week's forecasts looked better, I MIGHT have tried to reschedule it. With all those variables though, I say let's GO FOR IT!

So wish us a dry calm evening - it won't be warm but at least if it is not snowing and not windy, it will be much more pleasant.

It's amazing these last 2 weeks - never had the weather have so much effect on an event and now on two of them!

Southern Alberta......if you don't like the weather, wait a few minutes.....or in this case, more like a month! Come on summer, we're eagerly awaiting your arrival!