The Case of the Flying Friday

I usually try to do my Blog on Friday but had absolutely no chance yesterday. We had three classes into the museum (all in the morning) and then spent the afternoon and some of the evening preparing for today -- the 15th Annual Southern Alberta Regional Heritage School Fair.

Thank you to all of the judges. Your job is incredibly difficult but you handled it with your usual grace and dignity.

Thank you all of the teachers who worked with the students in the classrooms and guided them through the process. None of this would be possible without you.

Thank you to the parents who had to be up especially early on a Saturday morning (some had a 2 hour drive) to have their kids at the museum by 9 am.

Thank you to everyone who in whatever way helped out with the Fair. Whether it was supervising student activities or figuring out the best lunch to provide to kids (Tim Horton's a big thank you) or those who graciously and without complaint worked around all of the extra people in the museum -- I owe all of you a HUGE thank you!

And, most especially, thank you to the students. Every year your research, dedication, passion and interesting topics makes the entire day AMAZING!

And, for those of you who missed the Fair, a few pictures...