New Monthly Archives Program | Thursdays 7:00 pm | program admission free

People know museums, people know libraries, but archives often remain a mystery... Archivist Andrew Chernevych, and special guests, will help do away with the mystery as part of the new monthly Archives Program at the Galt Museum & Archives starting Thursday, January 12 at 7:00 pm.

“We invite the public to come discover photographs, documents, maps and other records at the Galt Archives and learn how to use them for their research,” says Chernevych.

Thu JAN 12 Archives 101 This is the chance to get introduced to the fantastic historical resources at the Galt Archives. Tour the archival facility, learn the rules and procedures, and find out how to search for records through our easy-to-use online database.

Thu FEB 09 Interpreting the Past Using Photographs Historians use photographs as primary sources, but how do professional historians actually “interpret” these photographs?  This workshop with Carol Williams explores historical methods on the use and interpretation of photographs, and a discussion on the ethics of visual representation. We will use photographs from the Archives, and participants are invited to bring their own collection. 

Thu MAR 22 How to Research your House Have you ever wondered about the history of your home? The Archives can help you discover interesting facts about your place and the neighbourhood around it. You can find out the date the building was built, the original owner, photographs of the property and even maps of the vicinity from 100 years ago!

Thu APR 19 What’s New at the Archives Join us for this special tour of the Galt Archives to get updated on the progress we have made in the last five years. You will learn about the recent acquisitions of archival records, the new website interface with new features, and the recently revamped volunteer program.

The program starts at 7:00 pm; registration is not required, and admission is free. The Museum Store [no admission charge] and Discovery Hall [regular admission applies] are open during the new Thursday hours until 9:00 pm. For details visit, call 403.320-3954, or email

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