First & Third WEDNESDAY monthly | 2:00-3:00 pm

On January 4, Collections Technician Kevin MacLean and Archivist Andrew Chernevych led seniors on a behind-the-scenes tour of the collections at the Galt Museum & Archives in the first Wednesdays at the Galt program of 2012, offered monthly on the first and third Wednesday. 

The remaining January through April 2012 schedule includes:

JAN 18 The Lands, Brands, and Hands of the 76 Ranch Learn about the history of one of Canada’s largest ranches, the 76 Ranch, from 1870 to today.  Focusing on the heyday of the ranch, 1870-1915, Dave Spencer shares stories of how the owners and operators worked under very difficult conditions to make a lasting contribution to our country.

FEB 01 History of Irrigation Learn about the past present and future of irrigation with Dr. Edith Olsen

15        Greener Alberta Where No One is Left Behind with Shannon Philips, economic policy analyst for the Alberta Federation of Labour. What does a plan for the environment and the economy really look like? Shannon will explore a practical plan for building a greener economy, keeping jobs in Alberta, and stabilizing Alberta's revenues to continue to deliver high-quality public services like health care, education, and children's services.

MAR 07 Archives of the Ancient Past: Landscape and Drought History in Alberta Dr. Alwynne Beaudoin from the Royal Alberta Museum shows how scientists derive drought history from landscape archives, including evidence preserved in lake mud and tree rings. Find out what intriguing new research reveals about recent droughts compared to those of the ancient past.

21        Archival Evidence of Environmental & Climate Change Explore the kinds and value of archival evidence available for interpreting past environmental and climate change. 

APR 04 Quilting Through the Ages Dawn Hunt will answer the 5 W’s of quilt making through the centuries. You’ll be surprised at where it began and just how long quilting has been practiced. A PowerPoint presentation and quilts from Dawn’s collection will augment the lecture. All participants will receive a comprehensive list of locations and websites where historic quilt collections can be viewed.

18        Coastal Geology and Climate Change How is coastal geology and the west coast of North America informing us about the climate change story?  Join Dr. Sandy Vanderburgh from Lethbridge College to learn about his research.

The program runs from 2:00–3:00 pm; registration is not required. Admission is free for annual pass holders, or $4 per week for seniors [65+], $5 for adults, and includes exhibit access. Annual passes are available at the Museum Store for $15 [seniors] and $20 [adults]. For details visit, call 403.320-3954, or email

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