Meet the Galt



Hello, Museum! Stories, hands-on activities and exploration highlight this introduction to the Galt Museum. The focus of this program shifts depending on temporary exhibits but promises to show students how much fun a museum can be while asking them to think about how we learn about the past.

Length: 75 minutes      Cost: $45 per class

Written to complement the Kindergarten and Grade 1 programs, this program is by its nature flexible enough to handle many different topics. Contact Ashley if you would like to focus on a particular part of our permanent or temporary exhibits. The standard program addresses the following curriculum objectives:

K.2.4 Examine the characteristics and interests that bring people together in groups by exploring and reflecting upon the following questions for inquiry

  • How does living and participating in your community affect your sense of belonging?

  • Helping students value and respect significant people in their lives and appreciate the important contributions of individuals at home, at school and in the community.

1.1: Value self and others as unique individuals in relation to their world

  • Helping students value the groups and communities to which they belong.

  • Helping students examine how they belong and are connected to the world.

1.2: Moving Forward With the Past: My Family, My History and My Community

  • Helping students appreciate how stories and events of the past connect their families and communities to the present

  • Helping students analyze how their families and communities in the present are influenced by events or people of the past.