Immigrant Voices



Using biographies, stories, photographs and other primary sources this program examines the experiences of people who came to southern Alberta. 

Length: 90 minutes      Cost: $45

Written to complement the Grade 5 Social Studies curriculum, Immigrants Voices explores how various immigrant groups contributed to the identity of Lethbridge and southern Alberta. The program addresses the following curriculum objectives:

5.2.1 Appreciate the complexity of identity in the Canadian context

  • Recognize how an understanding of Canadian history and the stories of its peoples contributes to their sense of identity

  • Acknowledge the contributions made by diverse cultural groups to the evolution of Canada

5.2.7 Examine, critically, how the North West Mounted Police shaped ways of life in Canada

  • What do stories of the North West Mounted Police tell us about the settlement and development of western and northern Canada?5.2.8 Examine, critically, ways of life of non-European immigrants

  • How do stories of Chinese immigrants (i.e., railway workers) contribute to an understanding of the development of Canada?5.2.9 Examine, critically, how European immigrants shaped ways of life in western Canada

  • How were European immigrants affected by pressures to conform in western Canada?