Coming to the Community

As Lethbridge gets ready for the Whoop-Up Days, we recall the time when large cattle companies brought in thousands of sturdy long-horn cattle from the south where they had been grazing on the rich prairie grass. In the early 1900s, many people arrived by train to claim homesteads; become cowboys and miners; worked on the railway, in the local brewery, or building more irrigation canals. They came from countries all around the world enriching this community with their traditions and culture.

Visitors to the Discovery Hall at the Galt Museum & Archives can listen to “Elliott and Mabel Galt” tell the story of the region, before flying over the prairie, river valleys and mountains in a purple airplane. After watching a movie in the Street Car theatre, guests walk through a coal mine and then sit in the Kainai Arbour to play the drum and watch powwow dancers perform. These symbols, found in the permanent exhibit of Discovery Hall at the Galt Museum & Archives, represent diverse aspects of the human history of southwestern Alberta.

The lure of adventure, of wealth, of sanctuary, of starting a new life brought people to southern Alberta. Ranchers were drawn by the open spaces, their cowboys by a life outdoors. Homesteaders seized the offer of free land or purchased irrigated land. Businessmen could see the demand for their goods. Contributions from many people shaped our communities and added vibrancy to our economy, art and culture.

The Youth Exhibition Board, formed in the spring of 1969 planned a wide range of youth activities for the summer event that has grown into what we now know as Whoop-Up Days.

On Tuesday August 22 at 11:30 am, don your western wear and join the businesses of Scenic Plaza at our annual Whoop-Up Days fundraiser. Enjoy beef-on-a-bun, beans and a pop, entertainment, face painting and a whoop-up good time! This special event is sponsored by CBI Health Group, Galt Museum & Archives, Green Acres Foundation, Johnson Insurance and Servus Credit Union.