Lethbridge Women's Musical Club 1932

Music is a vital component for our community. Lethbridge had music teachers, music students, a music conservatory, festivals, performances and in the early 1930s, a music club.

The Lethbridge Women’s Musical Club [LWMC], a non-profit organization, was formed in 1932 by women who had an interest in music and a desire to share it with the public. At the organizational meeting held at the Young Men’s Christian Association, interested members of the public learned about the music club’s purpose and goals.

The club’s officers were elected t this meeting. Mrs. W.J. [Kate] Nelson was elected President, Mrs. Gladstone Virtue Vice-President, Miss Evelyn Shillington Secretary and Mrs. G. W. O’Meara Treasurer. All were music teachers or choir directors.

The club’s purpose was to stimulate and encourage interest in music at the local level and this was done by holding concerts. The public attended the very first concert held October 26, 1932 at the Marquis Hotel and continued to attend the LWMC concerts until the end of the decade. The club was active for seven years however interest waned and the fledgling club folded in 1939.

The LWMC was reorganized in 1951 with a new name - Women’s Musical Club of Lethbridge. Honorary President was Kate Nelson, President was Mrs. S.A. Heron and the first vice-President was Margaret Nelson, Kate Nelson’s daughter-in-law. Their new objective was to support young musicians to become established in the music field. The club’s annual concerts, held at the Baptist Church and Southminster United Church, showcased a variety of local, and later countrywide talent.

In 1958, the club changed its name to the Lethbridge Music Club in order to include men in the community as a way to further the club’s work.

The club disbanded in 1970 as other music clubs were organized.

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