Lethbridge Partnership Promotes Community Knowledge of Canadian History

Canadian history is comprised of many histories. It is kept vibrant and meaningful by the roles and activities of smaller community-based initiatives, led largely by Canada's museums, archives, and local heritage institutions. Their efforts ensure there is an enduring source of valuable research information for future generations, as well as important interpretive programs that give greater personal relevance and connection for Canadians to the later national story.

The Governor General's History Award for Excellence in Museums: History Alive! is a partnership between the Canadian Museums Association (CMA) and Canada's History Society (CHS). This award has been presented for since 2011 by the Governor General of Canada at Rideau Hall in Ottawa.

The goal of the History Alive! award is to honour significant achievement in the historical field and encourage standards of excellence specifically in the presentation, preservation and interpretation of national, regional or local history. The award recognizes individuals or institutions that have made remarkable contributions to a better knowledge of Canadian history.

The Daytime Galt Workshop program – a partnership between the Galt Museum and Alberta Health Services (AHS) - has been shortlisted for a The Governor General's History Award for Excellence in Museums. Galt and AHS representatives have been invited to the Governor General’s Rideau Hall residence for the awards ceremony on November 29, 2016.

The nominated Lethbridge museum program workshops projects that stimulate the participants’ imagination, talent and dexterity, while the atmosphere provides them with a happy and welcoming community. The program coordinators guide the participants through the creation process while volunteers are available during the workshops to provide assistance, support, and encouragement.

This hands-on history program for adults happens of Wednesdays from 10:30–noon at the Galt Museum & Archives. Check www.galtmuseum.com for details. Admission fees apply and include exhibit access. Admission is free to Galt Museum annual pass holders.

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