The Alberta Ranch Boys

The Alberta Ranch Boys rose to fame and acclaim in the 1930s and 1940s. They are counted as some of Lethbridge’s most celebrated residents.

In the era when radio was enjoyed by legions of loyal listeners, one of the most popular western groups on the Canadian airwaves was Lethbridge’s own Alberta Ranch Boys. The original members of the musical sensation were Remo Baceda on drums or violin, Joe Horhozer on accordion, Buck Waslovich on guitar, Curly Gurlock on the banjo and bull fiddle and Lou Gonzy on bass fiddle, clarinet, saxophone, violin and piano. Remo was the group’s tenor soloist and Curly, Buck and Remo made up the vocal trio. Joe was renowned for his “frog voice” style made famous by Smiley Burnette.

On CKWX out of Vancouver, the Alberta Ranch Boys were on air five days a week and did live shows all around the City. The group were popular cowboy entertainers at the Calgary Stampede and played alongside such American icons as Roy Rogers and the great fiddler King Ganom. In their heyday the group was very active in promoting Canada war bond drives during World War II. The Alberta Ranch Boys played on a flatbed truck to cheering crowds in Lethbridge during the 1945 parade to welcome home veterans.

In 1946 The Alberta Ranch Boys returned home and played many shows including backup for cowboy superstar Gene Autry at the Lethbridge Fair. Shortly after this, due to failing health of a couple of members, the group disbanded. Their music leaves a legacy to be enjoyed for their many fans across the country.

On Wednesday September 21 at 2-3 pm Floyd Sillito & Friends will be performing as “Many Shades of Grey” in special tribute to The Alberta Ranch Boys. Join in and enjoy some musical favourites. Admission fees apply. Admission is free to Galt annual pass holders.

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