Local Heroes and the Galt Museum

On July 10, 1966, local community members opened the Sir Alexander Galt Museum in the 1910 Galt Hospital building. The volunteers had moved the fledgling civic museum from the Bowman, to the second floor and basement of the vacant Galt Rehabilitation Centre. Today, 50 years later, we celebrate these community volunteers and colleagues by placing a brick with their name on in our Local Heroes walkway. The walkway is a place for founders, leaders, doers, supporters, givers, participants and all people who make a difference to our community and the people who live here.

The Galt Museum & Archives invites this community to participate in the recognition of the local heroes who make a difference to how we live together. We are excited have an area where you can recognize someone that you feel is a “Local Hero” for your community.

These individuals are of diverse interests and backgrounds who give back to their community in a wide variety of ways. Examples of activities include volunteering for a local agency or community school, coaching a local sports team, helping recent immigrants settle into the community, a neighbor, a relative, or anyone who has made a difference in your life, and you would like to honor them.

By purchasing a brick in our “Local Heroes” section, not only are you recognizing them, but you are bringing them forward to the rest of the community to recognize a job well done.

Please join us on July 10 at 2PM as we celebrate our 50 year anniversary here in the Galt Hospital. The program will have a few short speeches, cupcakes, and free admission into the Museum. The program will take place outside by our Local Heroes section.