The Terry Fox Legacy Lives Here!

Terry Fox and his legacy are symbols of courage and stamina in the fight against cancer. As a community we, in Lethbridge, have helped to keep his legacy alive for the last 35 years. Through participation in the Terry Fox Community and School Runs, we have raised $407,374.62 for cancer research. Although Terry never made it to Lethbridge, we have our own link to Terry through his uncle Terry Fox who has lived here for the last 38 years. Terry’s nephew, who went on to become a Canadian icon, was his namesake. You may have seen Terry Sr. talking fondly about his nephew in The Lethbridge Herald, your school’s gymnasium or at one of the community Terry Fox Runs. To you he is a tangible link to Canadian history, to me he is my father – in-law.

When I approached this topic initially, it was with awe and trepidation. I grew up inspired by Terry and his Marathon of Hope and never thought we would someday be related through marriage. It was not until cancer touched treasured family members that I realised how important and relevant Terry’s message still is today - 36 years later. So I sent out feelers into the community to see how the citizens of Lethbridge could help me flesh out the ways they participated in the Marathon of Hope. The response was amazing! I have to thank Principal Carolle Babin from École Agnes Davison School, Brenda Oman from General Stewart School, Fred Fox and Rhonda Riseborough from the Terry Fox Foundation and my in-laws, Joy and Terry Fox, for their aid in bringing this exhibit into reality.

Come and see The Terry Fox Legacy Lives Here! at the Galt Museum and Archives. It is currently on display until June 30 in the Museum’s Servus Credit Union Learning Studio.

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