Juggling a Full Schedule

The Lowe family are all athletes. In 2012, nine year old Jackson and seven year old Jasper were involved in gymnastics and other sports. In the past, Tara Gemer-Lowe was a gymnast and track and field athlete. Mark Lowe participated in volleyball, fastball, and was the 1993 Canada Games champion in hammer throw. Tara and Mark met during a university track and field training camp in Hungary so credit their marriage to involvement in sports.

Jackson was in competitive gymnastics and practiced 3 hours each Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. In a 2012 competition Jackson placed second in vault and floor routines and seventh overall. Jasper attended a gymnastics class on Tuesday and Thursday and could stand on his hands for six seconds. Mark and Tara organized their own workouts to coincide with the boys classes. One of them would go for a run while the other was home with the son who was not at practice.

The boys were also busy with guitar lessons for Jackson and soccer league for Jasper. They both liked to read and ride their bikes. Mark and Tara understood the need for the boys to have free time and variety in their activities to provide balance in their lives and relief from their hectic schedule. As parents, they exposed the boys to a variety of sports and encouraged Jackson and Jasper to enjoy whatever sport they chose and to work towards the goals they set for themselves.

Not surprisingly they chose to participate as a family in local runs. All four participated in the Moonlight Run for five years. Jasper completed his first race at the age of 3 and Jackson when he was 5. Dad holds the dubious distinction of being beaten by both his sons in the Moonlight Run.

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