Giving Back to the Community

In the summer of 2012, the Galt Museum & Archives developed the exhibit “Champions & Challenges in Sports”, exploring the challenges and successes of local sports personalities. They included athletes, coaches and managers, officials, sponsors, game announcers, casual athletes, and fans. This month we present one of the behind-the-scenes personalities, Knud Petersen.

Lethbridge hosts many sports tournaments, bonspiels, and games throughout the year, but none of these happen without long hours of work behind the scenes by people like Knud Petersen. Petersen and others like him dedicate themselves to helping organize small and large scale sporting events, and encourage people of all ages to start and remain active in physical activities. People gain a great deal from participation in sports, and the community thrives when they continue their involvement by giving something back to their sport.

Petersen played soccer and other sports during his youth in Denmark and, years later in Lethbridge, he started coaching and refereeing for teams his three daughters played for. Now in his late 60s, he still referees and plays soccer. According to Petersen, his involvement keeps him young. He is an enthusiastic advocate for sports and believes sports strengthen a community by bringing people together.

Petersen has been involved with the Lethbridge Sports Hall of Fame for the past several years. The Hall of Fame annually recognizes people who have achieved a high level of success in their sport. Athletes, teams and builders are honoured during a special ceremony celebrating their contributions to the local sports scene.

In 1990, Lethbridge hosted Sun Life Skate Canada International – a community effort involving some 600 volunteers, along with businesses and organizations. 26,000 people attended the many events, and a thousand fans lined up on the last day to get autographs. The figure skating competition returns to Lethbridge this fall.

Meanwhile, the exhibit “Artistry and Precision”, now up in the main level hallway at the Galt Museum, looks back at the 1990 figure skating event in the city. For details, visit