Shopper’s World Mall

Another Christmas has come and gone. In the days leading up this important event for many families, many people strode the aisles of malls and big box complexes.

The very first mall built in Lethbridge was Shopper’s World on the east side of Mayor Magrath Drive between 3rd and 5th Avenues was built in 1954. Local contractor and developer Art Batty was quoted in the Lethbridge Herald as saying “the 1954 development marked the first of its kind in suburban shopping malls for the city”.

On the northeast side corner was Glendale Bowl, a 1956 addition. The anchor store was Town and Country Foods (1955–56), then the Dominion Store (1956-1971). Walking south along the sidewalk were La Kay’s Ladies and Children’s Wear, Tambyn’s Drugstore Limited, The Bank of Nova Scotia, Enso’s Barber Shop, The Frontier Shop, Fairfax Jewellery Store, Jones-Brown Rugs, Halifax Gift Shop, Parsons Hardware, the Gas Hopper, a branch of Green’s Shoes, Julia’s Tailor Shop and, at the south end, an A &W drive-in.

In the 1970s changes happened to the Shopper’s World. The walkway was enclosed, the food centre was demolished in 1971 and replaced with the Holiday Inn Hotel. The name of the mall was changed to reflect the importance of the business as lodging. In 1978 the mall adjacent to the hotel was sold to Vancouver businessmen and the hotel name was changed to Lethbridge Inn. A decade later the same men bought the entire complex and renamed it Sandman Inn Plaza.

Amidst all these shopping opportunities of yesterday and today, there is still the opportunity to create hand-made treasures. The Galt Museum & Archives is reprising the Top Five family Programs of 2016. Drop in anytime from 1–4pm from January 03 to January 07. Adults are to attend with Children. Registration is not required and includes access to the Kids Celebrate! exhibit. Admission fees apply.