A hockey playing canoeist and Cow men from the South

A random assortment of headlines from the 10 August 1912 Lethbridge Daily Herald.

Mr. Monk says Post Office Contract Will Be Awarded
-- the post office would soon be under construction

Raymond May Have a Beet Palace
-- this would be their exhibit for the Dry Farming Congress taking place in Lethbridge in October

Fine Crops on the Demonstration Farm

Bruce Ridpath a Visitor in the City -- Famous Hockey Player and Canoeist -- to Give Performance at Lake
-- put on a demonstration of his canoeing abilities at Henderson Lake

Alberta Leads in Automobiles -- In Comparison to Population Other Provinces are in the Rear
-- there were 3000 cars or one for every 124 persons; followed by Manitoba, BC and then Saskatchewan; PEI only province that prohibited use of automobiles on highways or in public places in 1912

Big Hay Crop at Cardston

Old Timer Dead -- Exhibit at Lethbridge -- Raymond Locals
-- these were 3 separate stories but you had to read the article to understand that

Cow Men From South
-- easiest for this one to just include the article which is below

When the old "round-up" of cow punchers and cattle wrestlers hits the trail for Calgary about the last day
of this month, to be there when the Stampede is put on by the Big Four during the first week in September,
they will have with them some celebrities whose names are history in the cattle business in the country between Red Deer'and the Boundary, and even across the Boundary. It will be a modern galaxy of famous old-timers. But they are not going to Calgary just to see what's doing. They are taking along a couple of performers who have had many a wild journey on the "'hurricane deck of the wildest broncs that ever felt the pull of the rope. Jim Austin, of Cardston fame will be there, and he has boarded the best of them. Up in the High River country, where critters of the Bar U are legion, there is a puncher styling himself Mike Herman. Mike is fancy with the rope, and can ride too on occasion. He'll be there. So will RayKnight, the dictator of the Knight outfit. He has taken part in roping contests in this country when sugar beets were an unknown quantity, and for roping and tying, he set a mark which few of the best men can equal. This trio will represent the south, and they will be heard from before the big stampede is broken up.