Lethbridge Historic Buildings On the Map

I love maps. I love historic buildings. What could be better, then, than a map showing historic buildings in Lethbridge?

Over the last number of years the City of Lethbridge has created a number of interactive maps. The maps show you the emergency services, schools, trails, golf courses, skate parks and much, much more.

But just recently a new layer has been added to the map showing all provincially and municipally designated sites in Lethbridge.

You can access this site in several ways. The first link takes you to the Lethbridge Explorer site where you can bring up a blank map of Lethbridge. Under the Points of Interest (the map symbol at the top) you can find a place to bring up historic places. http://www.lethbridge.ca/living-here/Maps/Pages/Interactive-WebMAPs.aspx

Or, if you want to know more about what is being done to protect historic buildings in Lethbridge (in addition to the map), use this link below which starts at the city's Historic Building Preservation site. There's a lot of information related to historic buildings so you can learn even more about the processes related to historic designation and look at the 49 sites listed on the city's inventory. An advantage of linking to the map from this site is that it automatically displays the historic sites for you when the map opens. http://www.lethbridge.ca/Things-To-Do/About-Lethbridge/Pages/Historic-Building-Preservation.aspx

One of the reasons it was necessary to provide this type of information digitally (rather than through a brochure or written material) is because this is a work in progress. There are always buildings in front of the city's Heritage Advisory Committee being researched, discussed and prepared for Municipal Designation. Look for the number of places on this map to grow over the years as the city's list of Municipally Designated Properties grows.