Criss Cross Writing

I love reading old documents. It's not only what they say. It's also how they're written. The penmanship, the formality of the language, the cadence of the words -- and when the writing goes in multiple directions!

In an homage to writing from earlier times where writers wrote the text criss-crossed across each other in various directions, I have put today's Blog message in such a letter attached below. For those having difficulty reading it, I have also typed the message below the letter (recognizing that it is sometimes difficult to turn your computer screen to read the message).

In the 19th century paper was expensive. Postage and mailing were also very expensive. In order to save money, when people wrote letters they would often write in several directions across the page. The reader would have to decipher the letter by figuring out which order to read -- across, up and down, or diagonal -- first. Fortunately, most of us can afford paper today.

Today, though, we want to reduce the amount of paper we use because it's better for the environment. We try to use both sides of the paper. We use it as scrap paper.

People of the past also did a lot of other things that often helped the environment.

A lot of people in those days used grey water. This is wastewater from household use that is then re-used. It could be from your laundry or the dishes. You then use it in the garden or some other way. They would also darn or fix their socks. They made quilts out of old clothes.