Ode to Whimsy

For various reasons I have needed to make several trips between Lethbridge and Calgary in the recent weeks. There are a few things on the way that never fail to make me smile and make the trip seem a lot shorter. This is just a quick thank you to the farmers who take the time to add these whimsical notes to their buildings and fields. They are appreciated.

face barn near Cayley.jpg
painted building near Nobleford and Granum.jpg
wind thing near Barons.jpg

Probably the best known one is the "Face Barn" at Cayley. I love this building. All the people I've talked to who drive Highway 2 know it and mention it. And they always do so with a smile.

I apologize for the quality of the next two pictures. I meant to take my camera along on my last trip to Calgary but only had my cell phone. Next trip, I promise myself I'll take better pictures.

This painted building is on the highway between Granum and Nobleford on the south side of the road. The pictures doesn't do it credit and the west side of the building is also painted.

This is from the highway between Barons and Claresholm. There are a set of these kinetic sculptures along the south side of the road. Simple, elegant and joyful.

The routes to Calgary are the ones I know best since I have to take them so often. Are there other whimsical elements along our southern Alberta highways that you recommend I check out? What are your favourites?