Feeling Trivial

As I was feeling "trivial" today I thought I'd share a few Lethbridge and Canadian events that occurred on June 3.

  • 1876: Montreal team introduces the sport of lacrosse to Britain

  • 1889: the first Canadian Pacific train beyond Montreal arrives in Saint John, marking the completion of the Canadian Pacific Railway as a coast to coast railway.

  • 1930: Conservatives name Brigadier General Stewart as their candidate for July 28th federal election

  • 1931: Lethbridge has 1000 unemployed; the jobless are drifting into town

  • 1934: Dr. Frederick Banting, co-discoverer of insulin, is knighted by King George V.

  • 1935: 1,000 unemployed men board freight cars in Vancouver to begin the On to Ottawa protest trek; would end in the Regina Riot

  • 1937: dust storm rolls over the south; reaches Lethbridge at sundown

  • 1959: US President Eisenhower bounces a message off the moon to Canadian Prime Minister Diefenbaker.

  • 1959: number of Lethbridge voters may pass 18,000

  • 1989: Official opening of Toronto's SkyDome, a $500 million domed stadium; 50,000 baseball fans soaked by rain when retractable roof opens.

  • 1994: Queen Elizabeth unveils war memorial in Green Park (London, England) to honour Canadians who fought and died in both world wars.