Lots and lots of Award Nominations

So this is the time of year where it seems everyone who does a city-wide or region-wide award, has their nominations due! This creates a lot of work sd there is always a lot of paperwork that the nominee has to sign, plus I have to interview them for information, and then I have to type it up and make it a winner! But it is all worth it - every time there is an award being handed out in our region or province, I take a good look at our volunteer base and know that one of the 300-ish people who donate time here at least annually, deserves to win and many more deserve a chance by at least being nominated.

So here I am again, working towards a deadline of Friday currently, for 2 nominations for Immigrant Achievement Awards. This is only the second year for these awards in Lethbridge, and they will be handed out on March 19th.

Then following that, I have 11 youth volunteers being nominated for Leaders of Tomorrow awards, which are handed out on April 12th!

There were also some sports awards, and I know a few of our volunteers definitely deserve to be recognized for their passion in this area (plus at least one of our staff!), but as I don't hear about these awards until more recently, I didn't have time to fit it in with my other nominations, so maybe next year!

It is wonderful to be able to recognize our volunteers through public events, such as award nominations. If I had the time, I'd find something for each one of our volunteers to be nominated for as each of them deserves recognition, not only for what they do here for us, but what they do also for other organizations, their families, their friends, etc. We are very fortunate to have so many wonderful people who believe so strongly in the Galt, and who give so much of themselves to us!

If you know of other awards, send them my way - preferably ones with nominations in the spring, summer or fall though as I don't think I can do much more in the winter ;) Back to my nomination forms and packages I go.....

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