Happy Hump Day

Ahhh it's mid-week....that means only a few days to the weekend, and not only the weekend but a LONG weekend! I imagine everyone is probably looking forward to the end of this week and wanting the days to go quickly.

I usually find my motivation to get odd tasks done reaches it's peak on Wednesdays for some reason. I often come in, create a huge TO DO list and start plugging away, and Wednesdays, more than any day, I get through it!

So now that I have so many major events behind me, I find that my TO DO list includes a lot of cleaning up - cleaning up physically (my work space is pretty crazy right now).....cleaning up paper trails (lots of data entry and number stuff to do after an event).....and cleaning up mentally in that I am letting go of the past few months and focussing my energies on those to come.

As I do this I wonder a few things - first of all, what do most event coordinators at museums, art galleries or really for any nonprofit due for storage? I know that as an event is coming closer, I end up with more and more things building up and in my office and the common area outside of it. Before our expansion I had a huge office (that I shared with our store manager) but it was big enough to store everything, and it had a door so that I could hide it all. Now, with no door and a cubicle, things are more challenging. How do others do it?? Suggestions....advice...please share!


I also wonder how event coordinators "let go"? When I was doing my theatre degree we often did rituals after a show to help us let go, and planning an event is like directing or being involved in a play in any capacity - your heart and soul get poured into that "performance" (ie event) and afterwards there is a bit of a mental high and low. Do other event coordinators have their rituals to deal with this? I have read how writing things down and sealing them up really does have a positive effect on letting go of things, but this was in the context of stressors in one's life - but we did similar things in theatre, often buring our farewell notes to our characters, or burying them.....wonder what my coworkers would think if I had a small fire after each event?! :)

But anyhow, I realize I am losing time on this Hump Day, my day to get the weird things on my TO DO list done, so I should go tackle them.....but I look forward to responses, suggestions, ideas and the like!