All in a days work

Kiwi fruit grow on vines.

You may think that's an odd statement to start a blog related to southern Alberta history and the Galt Museum, but to me it makes perfect sense. Ever had one of those weeks when, as a teacher, you ask if anyone has questions and you get lots of questions -- just none on the topic you've been discussing for the last 90 minutes?

I had several classes of grade 2s in this week and we were doing Then and Now -- a program that looks at how Lethbridge has changed. At the end of every program, I turn to the students and ask questions.

The three I received this week were not what I expected. What do kiwis grow on? Where do seeds come from? Where do metals come from? The seeds and the metals questions I found easy enough to answer but, truth be told, I never before this week considered what kind of plant a kiwi is. So as soon as the class left, I had to look it up. I had assumed a tree or bush and was surprised to find the answer.

I like unexpected questions like this because they make you think and they also enlivened up the week. Who knows what next week will bring?