Thank you Lethbridge! And now for some fun....


Wow Lethbridge, you did your best to make sure to attend the annual Scenic Plaza Whoop Up Days BBQ last Tuesday after the parade! I had blogged about this great event a few weeks back and well either you just love beef on a bun, or you wanted to help support the Green Acres seniors, or both! Whatever it was, do we, and the seniors I am sure, appreciate your support.


For the first time ever, we thought we'd run out of food - we did run short on beans so the last dozen people or so only got a small scoop, and almost ran out of beef, but that's ok - having an amazing turn-out like we did with the children filling our sidewalks with chalk art, getting their face's painted and colouring at their tables; and listening to a fun assortment of music provided by Pyramid Entertainment, made it a fun event for everyone! Thanks to all of our partners: CBI, Green Acres, Servus Credit Union, Tim Hortons, Servus Insurance Services, and Pyramid Entertainment!


Next up......a missing key.....are you a geocacher? If so, you'll love this one....if not, well if you have any detective spirit, you'll have a good time with this contest!


History tells us (not in the newspapers from the day though, this story has been passed along orally) that on September 1, 1910, when this building opened as the new hospital, that someone misplaced the key! As an event coordinator I absolutely LOVE this story because every event has hiccups, just usually the audience does not see it nor are they aware of it. I think it is ok when something goes "wrong", especially when it is at an event like an opening - I can't help but wonder how the person who forgot to take care of this task was feeling, or his/her boss, how the Prime Minister handled it, were people red in the face, was the audience giggling or confused...etc.

So in telling this story to one of our Katimavik volunteers, Kevin Poupart, he came up with the idea that we hide a key and give people clues throughout the month of September, to find the key, and whomever does gets to be the person on Sept 26th, when we officially open the Galt Hospital exhibit and celebrate our centennial, to open the doors to the crowds. Knowing how often I alone have looked at photos of the official opening, I know that this person may go down in history from the photos that may be taken on Sept 26th so this could be a really fun opportunity for someone who would be excited to "win" this.

So clue #1 is:

“Trees! Water! Go there, you'll see! Walk or race, you set the pace. Peek around Lethbridge's beautiful gathering space.”

Watch our Facebook, Twitter, website, and the media each Wednesday in September for more clues!! Good luck!