What supernatural experiences have YOU had at the museum??


On Halloween, the Galt Museum and Trap\Door Artist Run Centre, are excited to being putting on the first ever, Macabre Museum event.

Because we have so much demand for people wanting to experience the supernatural, or hear stories of local ghost sightings, especially in old buildings like ours, we decided to try this new event out in 2010 and see what the public thinks.


This event will include an opportunity to see our exhibit through the energy of a psychic, who will explain to us a bit about the history of psychometry and then see if they can tell us anything about some of our artifacts from a psychic point of view.

Trap\Door will have some booths exhibiting some of the fun and more serious psychics who will be participating in their large psychic fair fundraiser in February - come and get a taste of the fun that that includes!

We will also be doing tours of our building but from a paranormal perspective, and this is where YOU come in! If you have had an experience in this building, we want to know about it so that we can maybe include it in our tours that night....and quite possibly, it may even end up being a part of our normal "hospital tour" offered year-round!

So if you have had an experience while visiting the Galt, that made you go hmmmm, or was unexplainable, we do want to hear from you!! You can remain anonymous so don't be shy! To share your story email lori.harasem @ galtmuseum.com (without the spaces) or call her at 403-320-4219. A volunteer will then get in touch with you to interview you and find out more about your visit(s) to the Galt! OR you can choose to reply here but be sure to tell us approximately when your experience occurred, what part of the museum you were in when it happened, and what happened! You can include your real name if you will let us use it, or an alias is fine, too.

And tickets for this fun night will be $10 and go on sale October 1st at the museum or through Trap\Door Board members. So book your Halloween - 7 pm - here, at the Macabre Museum!!