The Life of a Building -- Share your memories and stories

Greatest Years You Never Knew: Collecting Memories of Historic Buildings

We need your help.

The Galt is working on an exhibit (to open April 2011) on the years 1906-1913 in Lethbridge.

Exhibit Summary

Greatest Years You Never Knew

Lethbridge changed forever between 1906 and 1913. These were years of incredible population growth and many new businesses and industries made Lethbridge home. It was a time of wild optimism as fortunes were made. In many ways, these were the greatest years in Lethbridge history and were vital in shaping the Lethbridge we know today.

But not everyone shared in the good times. For many people these greatest years never happened. Experience the boom and bust, joy and despair of the lives of Lethbridge residents in The Greatest Years You Never Knew.

How you can help

One of the themes in the exhibit is Buildings and Development. But we don’t just want to provide the history of the building. We want to know about the LIFE of the building. Your memories of the buildings. Which buildings are your favourites and why. We want stories, remembrances, ideas, questions, thoughts about the buildings of Lethbridge that were built between 1906-1913. Please don’t forget to include your name with the quote. And don’t forget to mention the name of the building.

These statements will then help us create the exhibit. In the exhibit, the labels for these buildings will start with a quote or statement.

Some we've already had in:

St. Augustine's Anglican Church: I always get a sense of awe and peace whenever I enter this building. I was confirmed and married in this church. I attended the Young Peoples group here. We used to play a game in which all the lights were turned off in the hall, and it was really scary!

Bowman Art Gallery: These are the ones I will make my most profound statement about. These are the buildings that I am willing to lay down in front of the bulldozer for. One of these buildings is the Bowman Art Centre.

Post your comments or email your comments to or drop them off at the front desk attn: Belinda.

Below is a list of some buildings built between 1906-1913 but certainly not all. If you want a more complete list, let me know. Or if you need addresses, let me know. Castle Hotel, Chinese National League Building, Galt Hospital, Lethbridge Post Office, Southminster Church, Galbraith School, Bowman Art Gallery, York Hotel, Alec Arms Hotel, Hudson Bay Building (360/Yo Yos), Express Coffee (Union Bank), Big Brothers & Big Sisters, LDS Church/Red Cross Building, Oddfellows Hall, Union Train Station/Health Unit, Whitney Block (was O’Rileys), Acadia Block/Dove Christian, Hick-Sehl Hardware/Cat Walk, Wallace Block/Round Street Café, Masonic Hall, St. Augustine’s Anglican Church, Conservatory of Music/Crazy Cakes, Burns Block/Shanghai Chop Suey