Can you act? Want to try?

We are really busy right now, planning a re-creation of what we consider one of Lethbridge's most exciting events in 1910 - the opening of the Galt Hospital.

We will be celebrating this day on September 26th, a Sunday.

But we need actors! Lots of them!

Some will have lines, others will just mix and mingle, everyone will have fun.

So if you have ever taken a drama course or been on stage, or even dreamt of it, let us know. This will require very minimal time on your part and should make for a fun Sunday of volunteering and supporting the museum.

Sound interesting? Give me a call or email! Lori 403-320-4219 or (please change the AT to the proper sign).

Looking forward to hearing from you, your friends, your family, and whomever else you can recruit (and maybe no one is as brave as you are, but that is ok - you'll meet some fun people with this event!)