How messy can the classroom get? Coulees & Culture

Only now do I finally have a chance to do today's blog. Today has been hectic (but fun, innovating hectic) as 20 kids aged 6 to 10 were here from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. Every year I look forward to this day -- one of our 3 Coulees & Culture days throughout the year.

Started in the 1990s originally as a ½ day summer program, today the program has expanded to full days. But the purpose is still the same – to share our fascinating cultural, natural and historical treasures. And to have fun doing it (the kids will also learn but you don’t have to mention that to them). Kids go to a different venue (Southern Alberta Art Gallery, Helen Schuler Nature Centre, Galt Museum & Archives and more) each day and experience so much of what makes Lethbridge special.

A few pictures from our activities last year. Last year we had a photo shoot in front of the old hospital wall as kids got to wear all kinds of costumes from our education collection. And, using sidewalk chalk, we decorated part of our patio. By the time the kids were done, it looked like stained glass. I think you can see why it's one of my favourite days of the year. History's fun! Who knew?