Dusting my hands off, putting my feet up....

Well Eggstravaganza is behind us.....and with 1100 people attending the 4 hour long event, it was a fun, busy day!

Then, on holiday Monday, we did our annual Taste of Downtown event ticket sales exactly one month before the event. We were only open 1-4:30 because of it being a holiday but in that 3.5 hours, we sold 120 of the 200 tickets. By Tuesday at 3 pm, we were sold out!! 26 hours and our event was sold out - a new record for me and a new record for the Galt!

So, now I put my feet up and dust my hands off (well dust might be the wrong word, as with all the glue and sparkles and such from Eggstravaganza it is more like "scrub my hands clean") and I take a rest.........

for a quick day!

I met yesterday with a new Beer Tasting committee member who is doing her Masters in Management and specializing in the non-profit world (in strategic planning with non-profits, to be specific). We talked for quite some time about how challenging it is to report to someone on how an event plan is going because certainly I have timelines and budgets, but planning an event is like a linear and circular process all at the same time and so there is no clear pathway that I can point to and say "Here I am".

I have 5 events on the horizon still.....our National Volunteer Week party (next week); a private event for certain professionals in our community (next week); Taste of Downtown (May 5th); a 1940's Dance Hall (May 8th); and a secret event in June (secret only because we aren't 100% certain if it is a go yet, but as soon as we confirm it is, I'll be sure to announce it here and on our website).

So for today, I'll rest my feet and clean my hands and tomorrow I'll jump into the many many things on the To Do lists for the upcoming 5 events, all of which should be a great time and I'm really excited about.

Thanks for supporting us, for those of you who have attended or bought tickets to past events, it means a lot to show you believe in me, the volunteers, and the Galt! We love having a packed house and the excitement that comes along with so many people or a quick sell out.

And for those of you who like a little digging for answers, and have some time on your hands, Belinda has been trying to find the answer to the following question for 5 days and hasn't found the answer yet: How far did the bull train travel in one day? Feel free to post your answer here or send it to belinda.crowson@galtmuseum.com - sources would be especially great!

See you at an upcoming Galt event!