First Signs of Spring

Our first sign of spring is up in the Native Prairie Plants garden at the Galt Museum: The garden, designed by June Flanagan, was created to celebrate the centennial anniversary of the Lethbridge and District Horticultural Society in 2009. Flanagan, author of Native Plants for Prairie Gardens, will be coming to the Galt to do two photograph-filled programs on creating the garden. Unlike me, who squatted in the dirt with my iPhone during today's windstorm to take this photo, Yvonne Bruinsma, June Flanagan, and other members of the Horticultural Society used proper cameras to carefully document the creation of the garden from start to finish. It's really fascinating to look back through the images to see the whole process of designing and planting the garden unfold! Her first presentation is on April 21st at 2pm during our senior's program, the second presentation is on May 19 at 7pm during our Cafe Galt program.

We'll be doing other programs in the garden during the summer. On May 29th, at our family program Saturday at 1, children will get to explore the garden and plant some native plant seeds to take home. In the summer we're planning another tour of the garden and a podcast tour.