Opinions Wanted and why Writer's Block is a Pain

First, do you have an opinion? If you do, I'd love to hear from you (or at least your opinion on one of our upcoming exhibits).

The Galt is working on an exhibit (to open May 2011) on Lethbridge 1906-1913. As I am guest curating this exhibit, I want your ideas for exhibit themes, how you would like the exhibit to look and what you want to know about this time period. Please click below and take the survey. Or go to www.galtmuseum.com and follow the link.


Second, I've been experiencing some writer's block this week. I am working on my presentation for the South West Alberta Teachers' Convention. My presentation is on critical thinking skills (title: Just Think!). Don't worry, I plan to make the presentation more interesting than the title might suggest. But I've been hemming and hawing on what activities to use.

I want this to be practical for teachers -- things they can adapt and use in the classroom. I want to show local links to curriculum and highlight what an amazing number of resources there are locally. I want to save busy teachers time and energy. And, as always, I want them to realize that the best way to teach history and critical thinking is to bring students to the Galt Museum & Archives as often as possible (may as well state my bias right out).

I'm about 1/2 done the presentation and have 2 weeks to finish it so hopefully my writer's block vanishes soon. If not, I may just have to wing it. After all, what could go wrong? Critical thinking is when you critique movies, right?