A Good Yarn of Dolls and Action Figure

You know you have fantastic volunteers when they're willing to take yarn home and wrap 700 "doll bodies." This requires taking yarn and wrapping it around a book 50 times -- and then repeat that 700 times. Why would our volunteers be so willing to take on this task? Well, because throughout the month of December hundreds of students came to the Galt to experience Christmas of the past (some of the over 8500 students who came to the Galt in 2009). And every student who came for Christmas made their own yarn doll (or "action figure") from the prepared body (as well as made a game and decorated cookies and more...).

download (20).jpg

I love to hear how the dolls do after they leave the museum. One of the parent volunteers this year said her older daughter (now in grade 3) still has her doll that she made when she was in kindergarten. And I personally have seen these dolls out and about Lethbridge with their proud new owners. If you have any other stories of what has happened to these dolls after they left the Galt, we would love to hear them!

Thank you again to all of the Galt volunteers who helped make the doll bodies. You helped make a lot of kids in southern Alberta very happy.