Galt volunteers

Dec 5th each year marks International Volunteer Day, a chance for us to say THANK YOU to volunteers in our organizations, our communities and all over the world.

A belated THANK YOU to every single one of you for your assistance.....whether you have helped with one event in 2009, or volunteer weekly in areas such as Collections or Archives, your support of the Galt Museum & Archives makes it what it is - we would never be able to offer what we do, nor be who we are, without your support.

I know many of you do not see each other in the work you do, because so many do work behind the scenes or from home, but believe me when I say that we have a HUGE number of volunteers supporting fact, we have close around 250 individuals who have volunteered in 2009, and the total hours to date this year are quickly approaching 8000....those are amazing statistics.

We have had two volunteers pass away this past year, and wish to also take some time to remember them both - Yosh Senda and Murielle Joliffe. Both were amazing contributors to the history of our city and region and we were fortunate to have them share some of their great lives with us.

We also have lost volunteers who have had to move away because of school, careers, family and for other reasons. We miss them all but appreciate all they did for us in their time in Lethbridge.

THANK YOU to each and every one of you! You are an important part of your community for stepping up and helping organizations like the Galt to be able to do what we do to make our community a better place.