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A letter postmarked CALGARY FEB 25, 5 PM, 1943 ALBERTA addressed to

Mr. Larry Doyle
c/o Plunkett + Savage
Lethbridge, Alberta

Prohibition Headquarters
Calgary. Alberta Canada.

Dear Sir;

No doubt you have heard of me and my great work in the cause of Temperance. For several years I have been travelling about the country on the lecture platform. Perhaps you are familiar with some of my better known talks as "Down With The Drink Evil-- "Rum and Rebellion and "there is No Booze in Christianity ".

For the past few years I have had one Herman Fortescue who used to sit with me on the platform. I would point him out to the audience as a horrible example of the ravages of drink. Herman was originally a man of splendid background, had an excellent education, and fine family connections. During the years when he should have thought to the moulding of his character he developed an insatiable desire for Rum Whiskey and other strong drinks. How much better for him if he had turned to a more gainful occupation. There was times when poor Herman's condition was pitiful. Here was a brilliant man who had become a wreck of his former self. He would sit on the platform beside me, mouth wide open,and staring at the audience- a low down rum soaked bum.

Unfortunately last Spring poor Herman passed away.

A mutual friend has given me your name and I am wondering if you would consent to accompany me on a winter tour to take poor Herman's place.?

Sincerely Yours

John Christian Rhodes (D.D.)