Galt Hospital Hauntings

Happy Halloween! Here are two stories to set your spine a'tingling!

George Bailey

...died tragically in the Galt Hospital in 1933 while being wheeled to the operating room for a routine appendectomy. Half asleep from the anesthesia, George was pushed halfway onto the elevator when something went wrong. With the doors still open and George only half on, the elevator started to rise. The front legs of the gurney got caught on the elevator, dangling George above the elevator shaft and then dropping him head first onto the basement floor.

Unbelievably, George did not die immediately, but was up and shuffling around in the basement when people got to him. He died of head injuries the next day. Since then, reports of a presence being felt accompanied by the sound of shuffling feet and blasts of cold air with no known source have been felt throughout the hospital.

The quiet chattering and laughter of children...

A more recent tale takes place in the upper level of the museum, which once housed the nursery and children sections of the hospital, but now is home to administrative offices. In this area people claim to have heard the quiet chattering and laughter of children.

One man in particular was studying late and as he exited the museum felt an irresistible urge to turn around. As he did he looked up and spotted a young girl waving goodbye to him in the window of the room he had just left.

A Native elder working late at the museum reported seeing some Native children waving to him out of a window. He assumed the children belonged to a Native cleaning lady and forgot about it for a while, but later discussions revealed that the museum never employed a Native cleaning lady and that children should not have been in the museum after hours. The only conclusion left was that he had seen ghosts.

We dare you to visit!