Museum Exhibit Musings -- 1906-1913 Exhibit

You can glean a lot about a time period and a community from reading old newspapers. As I've been researching other topics and material, I keep finding little nuggets that fit into the time period (1906-1913) of the exhibit I'm working on. And I can't resist copying them as potential avenues for research for this exhibit. Letters to the editor are particularly great for finding out about the hot topics of a community. I was not, though, expecting to find this -- a visiting wrestler put out a challenge to Lethbridge wrestlers for a bout. I have not yet had time to look into this to see whether the match took place and, if it did, who won. But I do feel a little bit sorry for McDonald.


Lethbridge, July 23, 1908
Editor Daily Herald: '
Sir.β€”In passing through the district on my way to my home in Iowa I was told by a travelling man that there are several wrestlers in your city.

I would like to take on either Maxwell or Gordon and hereby challenge either to a match for a reasonable side bet. I do not include McDonald for I do not consider him to be in my class.

The man who accepts this challenge can specify style, terms, number of falls, etc.

I can be found at the Coaldale Hotel

Fred Bartell.

P2 24 July 1908 Lethbridge Daily Herald