1906-1913 Lethbridge Exhibit -- Another Muse on a Museum Exhibit

As I was reading the 1910 Lethbridge Herald tracking down some information for another project I'm researching, I chanced upon an advertisement for Alberta's Pride Beer and I couldn't resist sharing it. At this point, I don't plan on focusing much on adverts for the exhibit I'm working on for the years 1906-1913 in Lethbridge, but perhaps I'm missing a unique area of research? In a time before chlorination of water (which started in 1916 in Lethbridge), water could perhaps be seen as more dangerous than beer (or at least people reading the ad might believe it to be so). Fear used as an advertising ploy? Perhaps times haven't changed quite as much as we sometimes like to think.

Advertisement from 20 August 1910 Lethbridge Herald p 7

The Problem of Satisfying the Thirst
What to drink is the question.
You want something cold, to be sure, but you want it to be
wholesome as well.
Ice water shocks the stomach and retards digestion. Sweetened
chemical mixtures are not conducive to health.
Here is a beverage that is satisfying and beneficial. There is
something more to it than wetness and coolness. It is a sustaining
drink. It refreshes you and you stay refreshed.

Call for Lethbridge Beer.