Adopt an Artifact! or another way of showcasing your Collections

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From a fashionable 1960s men’s bathing suit to a pair of grass skis used in the Sugar Bowl in the early 1980s, a beautiful 1920s beaded evening dress to a WWII flight simulator, these and 37 other artifacts are available for “adoption” on the Adopt-an-Artifact website accessible at

The successful bidder will receive a photo and description of the artifact, a tax receipt for the value of their sponsorship, and an invitation to a Curator-led Behind-the-Scenes Collections Tour in 2009.

All artifacts remain in the care of the Galt Museum & Archives, which also retains ownership.

Bids can be placed on items of choice – online or by phone – before 5:00 pm MST on December 30. Final bidding takes place on December 31 at An Egyptian New Year's Eve.

Happy holidays from the Galt Museum & Archives!