Sir Alexander Galt


What does a Father of Confederation have to do with southern Alberta?

Alexander Tilloch Galt was born in London in 1817, the son of John Galt, poet and land developer. Alexander’s political career took him to high office in Sir John A. Macdonald’s administration where he became one of the Fathers of Confederation, the first Finance Minister of Canada and High Commissioner to London. He was knighted for his role in Confederation.

His business career led him in 1882 to southern Alberta and to create the complex of companies he and his son, Elliott, set up to exploit coal discoveries, build railways, irrigate semi-arid acres, and build towns and cities. So very critical to the development of southern Alberta, Sir Alexander Galt and his son Elliott are remembered in the name of the Galt Museum & Archives and GaltGardensPark.

Anine VonkemanComment