Red Crow


A fearless and successful warrior as a young man, Red Crow went on to become a wise leader of the Kainai people. From 1870 to 1900, he was head chief of the Kainai, also known as the Blood tribe, part of the Blackfoot Nation. Red Crow guided his people through the difficult early years on the reserve. He was one of the Treaty 7 signatories in 1877 and, for more than two decades, dominated the affairs of the largest reserve (by land size) in Canada. He pursued self sufficiency for his people and highlighted the importance of education.

Red Crow kept his people at peace with the Europeans but never let them surrender their pride and dignity. Throughout his life, Red Crow remained a strong proponent of Blackfoot customs, but was also one of the first of the Kainai people to build a wood house, grow grain and keep cattle. Honoured by both the Kainai people and all the people of southern Alberta, Red Crow Community College was named in his honour.

Anine VonkemanComment