Saturdays at 1:00 Back in Full Swing

Saturdays at 1:00 presented with Green Acres Kiwanis Club of Lethbridge

YEAR-ROUND! | adults required to attend with children | admission rates apply | free for annual pass holders | registration not required | includes exhibit access

This interactive program animates our exhibits and collections for families with children of all ages and is offered year-round thanks to our program partner, the Green Acres Kiwanis Club of Lethbridge.

  • JAN 12 Flip Books Make your own flip book and learn about the history of animation. 

  • JAN 19 Owl Pellets Dissect an owl pellet as you learn about our ecosystem. 

  • JAN 26 Dinosaur Models Create your own dinosaur model as you learn about the intersection of art and science in the museums.

FEB-APR 2013 program details are available | 403.320-3954

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