New Acquisition for Outdoor Exhibit Takes Its Place

Lethbridge, AB – It will be a memorable move and we have one chance to get it right.  Community and media are invited on Thursday, September 10 at  1 pm to view the visually impressive permanent installation of a 1924 McCormick-Deering 15-30 tractor on the Galt Museum grounds

This vintage piece of machinery has been donated to the Galt Museum & Archives by Coyote Flats Pioneer Village which is operated by the Prairie Tractor & Engine Museum Society. Volunteers from Coyote Flats put many hours into refurbishing and painting the tractor which will be an interactive component of the agriculture exhibit.  The tractor is not a faithful restoration because it is meant for visitors to climb into the seat and pretend to drive it.  The inclusion of the tractor in this permanent exhibit is a celebration of southwestern Alberta’s unique agricultural heritage upon which Lethbridge was built.  Once installed visitors will admire the steel wheels of history and appreciate a century of technological advancement through the years. This tractor adds to the existing heritage grain beds and caragana hedge all of which played important roles in our history.

Galt and Coyote Flats volunteers will load the tractor and deliver it to the Galt Museum where Zero Gravity Cranes & Rigging will unload it and place this piece of history in its new home safely and with precision. The tractor is being hauled over 30 kms from the Tractor Club just south of Picture Butte to the edge of the coulee. This exhibit pays tribute to the wind-blown, semi-desert region that forced the early settlers to adapt and invent new ways of farming. The determination of the homesteaders resulted in a burgeoning agricultural community. These developments reflect the old adage that “what does not kill you will make you stronger” and southern Alberta faced agricultural challenges that made us stronger and more determined.

The installation is a one-time feat of skill and expertise that will transform the Galt Museum landscape permanently. “We especially hope that visitors from Lethbridge and neighboring counties will stop by the Outdoor Agriculture exhibit at the Galt to learn about and interact with a piece of history and to let us know their interest in it,” says Galt curator, Wendy Aitkens. She continues, “Interpretive panels and a hands on irrigation display will join this agriculture exhibit in the future.  And this agriculture installation is only one of an extensive outdoor exhibit plan which will see the Galt interpret many stories of southwestern Alberta on the land surrounding the museum.”

Let’s share this literally moving story as it unfolds with our community.  Please join us, share this news and photos with your readers, viewers and audiences.

Dana InksterComment